Registration should be sent by filling the fields of the relevant page of the competition website before the 29th of September 2008, together with the required documentation.

Those wishing to participate in the competition should pay a 250 US dollars (two hundred fifty USD) registration fees.

Payment can be made through the payment gateway provided or through direct bank transfer.
Those who wish to pay the registration fee by bank transfer should address the payment to:

House of Arts & Culture
Account Number: 006 001 1880024836105
Banque Du Credit Libanais SAL (Hamra Branch) P.O.Box 16-6729, Beirut - LEBANON

Transfer fees will be borne by the candidate. The registration fees will not be refunded to the competitors.

A PDF electronic copy, confirming that the transfer has been carried out successfully by the candidate, will be attached to the registration form as well as a written proof that he/she has a license to practice his/her profession in the country he/she works in. The name of the candidate on the registration form has to be the same on all documents, including the bank transfer receipt.

After receiving the registration forms and verifying the reception of the fees and the copy of the license, the secretariat will open the restricted area of the website allowing candidates to download the competition documents at the end of the period of registration (after 18:00 of 29 September).